Modern Heritage Matters (MHM) has been
established to provide up-to-date information
and advice to owners, developers, managers
and lovers of old buildings. We are a boutique
heritage consulting firm, a cost-effective
alternative providing heritage impact statements,
conservation management plans, house histories,
renovation records, design advice and more...
Find out more about our fresh and modern
approach to everything heritage.

MHM’s Recent Projects


An Altered Federation Dwelling

In Progress

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Art Deco Apartment

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State Listed Maisonette Flat in The Rocks

In Progress

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Inner City Warehouse

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Contemporary Pavilion House

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Old Georgian London

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1920s Quarrymaster’s Cottage

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Updating a Millennial

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In the News

A throwaway city of junk buildings leading architect slams nsw over heritage

19 February, 2020

Please read this article by Peter Thallis a leading architect and City of Sydney councillor . We know people care, but they are often just not aware of what is going on. There is the misunderstanding in the community that Read More

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