Current Heritage Issues

In this section we discuss different issues that relate to heritage conservation globally.  These include the decline of the house museum, adaptive re-use and issues more specific to NSW, such as the recent introduction of 99 year leases. Please let us know if there are any heritage related issues that we need to research and be patient as we find time to explore all relevant topics in the depth that they deserve.

Facadism 30 August 2014 . facadism;architecture
New Builds in Heritage Conservation Areas 02 March 2014 . Heritage Conservation Areas
99 year leases 02 December 2013 .
Funding Heritage 02 December 2013 .
Adaptive Re-Use 02 December 2013 .
Heritage Interpretation 02 December 2013 .
Mid Century Homes 02 December 2013 .
Building on Ruins 02 December 2013 .