MHM Loves

MHM Loves is our favourite section where we showcase anything we love, that may be remotely related to old buildings.  Books, games, wallpapers whatever…. We hope you love them as much as we do. Click on the labels to learn more.

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Franklin Vagnone
The Junk Map
Slim Aarons’ Books
Footpath Guides
Botanic Inspired Wallpaper
XL Lampes Gras
Traditional Sign Painting
Bauhaus Chess Set
Sagitine Storage Boxes
HENSE mural
Smeg 50s range
Artist Anna Carey
Harry Seidler LIFEWORK
Curved Glass
Removeable Wallpaper
Traditional Garden Products
Elegant Speakers
Metal Shower Pans
Mirrored Glass Finishes:
A Magazine
Artist Robyn Sweaney
Frameless Glass Doors
Victorian Clothes Lines
Flush Electric Outlets
Comedian Tim Ross
Jae Yong Rhee
New Suburban
Photographer Jiang Pengyi
The Modern Architecture
Jatana Tiles
Outdoor Wallpaper
Book by Robin
Vintage Lighting
Modern House