New Ideas for Old Buildings

With the rapid evolution of our lifestyles and the development of new technologies, it is important to find new ways where old and new elements of the built environment can be combined in a balanced way.  However, the fusion of the old and the new in architecture can be controversial.  Many people who like old buildings fear new designs. But often the contrast can lead to a greater appreciation of both the old and the new.

Development is inevitable and so we need to encourage design that is in harmony with the existing character and appearance of our old buildings. The degree of intervention that is appropriate will obviously differ depending on how significant the heritage elements may be.

When planning on work to heritage items certain principles (at a minimum) should be considered such as:

  • Repair rather than replace in order to keep as much historic fabric as possible.
  • If alterations must be made to significant building fabric, make them reversible.
  • Make a visual distinction between old and new.
  • New additions should generally not imitate the precise architectural detail of historic buildings.
  • Ensure alterations are sympathetic to the existing building.
  • Respect the ageing process.
  • Respect previous alterations as these may contribute to the building’s significance. Emphasis should not be placed on one period of development over others, unless it is much more significant.
  • Respect the buildings context and location

These examples may not be to everyone’s taste but we believe, in each case, the architect, in pursuit of design excellence, has retained the heritage significance of the property, combining modern design skills with a respect for the old.

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kagan9 Respectfully Austere 10 August 2019 . Anatol Kagan, archiecture, heritage, Kennedy Noaln archiects, Modernism, Renovation, Victoria
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CLINKER1 Eye Candy 30 June 2017 . art deco. extension, clinker bricks, heritage, Inter-War Period, woodwoodward architecture
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Barnsbury Grove House Bardwell Park Sydney NSW Australia  Archit An Ode to Suburbia 11 August 2016 . 1950s, architecture, heritage, Post-War Period, red brick, Renovation, suburbia, Tribe Studios
fire1 Playing With Fire 02 August 2016 . Adaptive Reuse, Atkinson and Conrad, brisbane, Fire Station, heritage, Owen Architecture, Queensland, Renovation
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bower Stepping back into the 60s 25 October 2015 . addition, Bower Architecture, heritage, orange brick, Post War Austere, Renovation, Sixties
orama 7 A Very Smart Design 09 October 2015 . 19th Century, heritage, Renovation, Smart Design Studio, Victorian Italianate or Filigree, William Smart, Woollahra
TP PR 013 Wiston Gardens 12 August 2015 . Double Bay, heritage, ironwork, Luigi Rosselli Architects, Mediterranean, Renovation, sandstone, Sea dragon, Spanish Mission, Spanish Mission and Mediterranean, Wiston Gardens
tusculum6 A Smart Relocation 10 August 2015 . Federation Style, minimalist, pott point, Renovation, Smart Design Studios, spiral staircase, terrace, Tusculum, William Smart
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tudor4 Stockbroker Tudor 09 July 2015 . architecture, Hawthorn, Kennedy Nolan, Mock Tudor, modern, Old English, Renovation, Stockbroker Tudor
hawthorn2 Full of Grace 08 July 2015 . architecture, Colonial Georgian, georgian, Grace Park House, Hawthorn, heritage, Heritage Victoria, John Gill, Renovation, Rosstang Architects
dmva 9 Black and White 25 April 2015 . Adaptive Reuse, addition, Architects, belgium, contemporary, DmvA, heritage
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kew1 Right on Kew 13 February 2014 . Canny Designs, Federation Period
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