A fleeting moment, not real bridge to past, Elizabeth Farelly, Sydney Morning Herald, 10/9/2013

10 September 2013 .























Elizabeth Farelly is a Sydney-based author, architecture critic, essayist, columnist and speaker. In  her funny yet poignant take on the recent Fleet review, she points out that:


“ for the cost of this hoopla [$40 million], we could have kept some of our real maritime history that we’re busy replacing with rubbish.


Behind the gunpowder and the bunting sat the hammerhead crane on Garden Island, the old Glebe Island Bridge and every heritage item on the entire Bangaroo site (including the 1904 pumping station, 1913 sandstone seawall and the Sydney Port’s Harbour Control Tower), are all up for demolition.”


Click here to read the article in full: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/a-fleeting-moment-not-real-bridge-to-past-20131009-2v8hq.html


Illustration: Simon Letch

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