Building at Risk

Buildings at Risk  is a collective term applied to heritage assets  that are at risk as a result of neglect, decay or inappropriate development, or are vulnerable to becoming so.  We are not always referring to listed buildings here as  many important buildings have not yet been included on any heritage registers.  As we become aware of buildings at risk our plan is to post details about the buildings on the website that inform and direct our community as to how they can help.


We also encourage you to visit a website entitled: Inheritance: Without our heritage we are nobody.  Andrew has established this site to draw attention to the countless important buildings in Sydney and beyond that have been lost over the years.  His blog appeals to residents to become better informed stating so perfectly:


“This has to stop, there is too much to lose, and we as residents are the only ones who can fight it. At the very least, I would like to show people what we are losing, week by week, as  our suburbs are ingloriously stripped of their heritage treasures, instead becoming monotonous concrete beds of overdeveloped units and overcrowded consumerist vacuums of non-culture. The current trend is unsustainable, it is purely profit driven for the short term goals of developers and political interests. The people come last, heritage is all but forgotten. Things have to change dramatically”.


Click here to learn more about this important blog.

Kenilworth, Burwood 25 March 2014 .
Forward Boot Factory, Bondi 28 January 2014 .