Excellent Treasurer, appalling architect’: Stokes rejects Perrottet’s bid to bulldoze power station

22 November 2020 .

The White Bay Power Station is a wonderful site for adaptive re-use. Full stop. We need to stop the NSW government pulling down state listed heritage items using excuses such as “its ugly”, “there is asbestos”, “we need to create jobs”, there are access issues”. It is not good enough. Where is the imagination!

Why is is significant?

“White Bay is a significant item of industrial heritage associated with the evolving pattern of power generation in NSW and Australia. It is characteristic of coal fired power stations from the early twentieth century which serviced the expansion of Australia’s major cities. None of these stations remain intact today. It predates the formation of the Electricity Commission (and Pacific Power), dating back to a time when localised and vested interest in the power industry hampered expansion of industry and commerce and, public access to a commodity (electricity) which we now take for granted. As the last remaining metropolitan power station from this era, the site must be considered rare. Given the substantial changes in industrial relations which have occurred in Australia and particularly NSW over the last 70 years, White Bay Power Station is also evidence of social and industrial practices no longer in use today. As a result, White Bay Power Station and its associated records provide a basis for a study into employer/employee relationship changes over this period.” NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Items Detail Sheet, accessed 22/11/2020.

SMH’s Caitlin Fitzsimmon’s article gives hope that perhaps NSW Planning Minister Rob Stoke’s intervention may at the very least bring awareness to the issue.  https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/excellent-treasurer-appalling-architect-stokes-rejects-perrottet-s-bid-to-bulldoze-power-station-20201121-p56gn5.html

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