Artist Robyn Sweaney

12 February 2014 . Tags: ,

MHM loves Robyn Sweany’s ‘portraits’ of actual, suburban Australian houses




Robyn Sweaney is an artist based in Mullumbimby, on the far North Coast of NSW. Since 1992 she has held 9 solo exhibitions and been involved in over 90 selected group exhibitions. The subject matter for Sweaney’s artwork is generally sourced from her immediate environment, the home, garden and the suburban landscape. Her work explores notions of Australian identity and place.


She explains in her Artist Statement:


“I have always been fascinated by other people’s houses. I am inspired by people who don’t particularly see themselves as artistic. Though outwardly many houses are generic, I am intrigued by the way people, in creative and resourceful ways, express themselves within the boundaries of their own environments. I am drawn to a subtle and quirky aesthetic: that which combines design elements of colour, symmetry, pattern and balance. Many of the homes and streetscapes I have painted are similar to those we have either lived in ourselves or have visited. They are distinctly Australian, with a familiarity and ordinariness, evoking strong feelings of place and memory.”


Sweaney is currently represented by Anthea Polson Art Gallery in Queensland.    Click here to see more of her works.

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