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Artist Anna Carey

MHM Loves the work of Ann Carey.  Carey, an artist born and raised on the Gold Coast, makes cardboard models of buildings reminiscent of her childhood, and then photographs them. She focuses on architectural spaces as a medium to open up an imaginative realm for the viewer.  Her works continually prompt responses of “This is […]

Artist Robyn Sweaney

MHM loves Robyn Sweany’s ‘portraits’ of actual, suburban Australian houses     Robyn Sweaney is an artist based in Mullumbimby, on the far North Coast of NSW. Since 1992 she has held 9 solo exhibitions and been involved in over 90 selected group exhibitions. The subject matter for Sweaney’s artwork is generally sourced from her […]

Jae Yong Rhee

MHM loves the work of photographer Jae Yong Rhee.  One of his work’s, and edition of three entitled Memories of the Gaze – Gangjangri Rice Mill 2012,  is currently featured on our home page.     Jae Yong Rhee was born in Yeosu, South Korea, in 1969. He graduated with a degree in Visual Communication Design from […]

Photographer Jiang Pengyi

MHM loves Chinese photographer Jiang Pengyi.