A Step Up

07 July 2018 . Tags: , , , , , ,

While this terrace house may be located in North London, the idea is easily replicable with our local terrace houses. London architectural firm, Bureau de Change, have used recycled bricks as a clever sculptural device. The extension has been built using bricks reclaimed from the fabric of the house.
































The stepping motif created by the brick is repeated throughout the interior as well.


































The architects explain how “instead of the more expected glass structure, we looked to the brick and its inherent potential as a stackable module to create a far more sculptural material expression”. “We exploited the rights of light diagram to create a staggered, extruded form that appears to melt away from the existing structure.”























































Faceted glass meets the stepped brick to create a light well. “We worked closely with the structural engineers to create an entirely column-free space”, says Billy. “The structure was achieved using laser-cut, double-direction, stepped beams that give the sensation that the brick addition is floating.”




































Inside, the standard layout has been turned around, with the kitchen moved to the front of the house. The original features of the home have been retained and accentuated with dark colours and material tones. This darker mood gives way to a lighter feel as you move inward, intensifying the bright and airy feel of the extension.


The dining room features narrow timber planks to distinguish from concrete elsewhere in the home.




























































Deceptively simple and beautiful.




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