Wireflow Pendant Light

11 July 2014 . Tags: , , ,

MHM Loves Vibia’s Wireflow, a very modern interpretation of the classical chandelier.


Wireflow explores geometries in two and three dimensions through a series of pendant lighting fixtures which are composed of simple elements. From certain angles they appear flat, like a line drawing suspended in the air. The structures are formed by thin rods which end with LED terminals (3W) for illumination, continuing the visual fluidity of the lines.



The designer Arik Levy’s previous experiments with light sculptures based on wires served as source of inspiration for him to create this fabulous lighting collection in collaboration with the Spanish company VIBIA. According to Levy, the Wireflow combines “presence and absence, transparency and luminosity, light and fluidity”.


The WIREFLOW offers an open design, customisable according to the creative and aesthetic needs of each project. In this way, the limitations in height or volume set by each space are overcome. It is possible to experiment with endless configurations online at Vibia.com.