Victorian Boom Style

20 June 2020 . Tags: , ,

This locally listed, mid-Victorian Italianate mansion had been built on a grand scale to showcase its timber merchant owner’s success. Broken into flats in the early 20th Century, it never really recovered until the current family made it their labour of love. The job has been done in stages over several years. Our involvement included heritage consulting, design and project management. The first stage was to move them in and to make the almost derelict building habitable. The second stage involved internal and external works. Works were often highly technical required engineering and heritage building expertise. Interesting components included the reinstatement of the widow’s walk and the design of a brass handrail for the gallery, the central feature of the house. New kitchen and bathrooms were followed by reinstatement of the basement rooms to connect with the garden. An engineering feat of excellence allowed a driveway, pool and lawn to be incorporated into the landscape. The finishing aesthetic reflects our design philosophy of using  contemporary elements which share the same language as the original.  It is once again a family home which honours its eccentric Victorian boom-style vibe.


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