Old Georgian London

24 September 2017 . Tags: , , , , , , , ,

This “handsome stucco fronted, pillar porch” family home has had many lives. Built in the mid 19th Century as an aspirational home for the middle class, it was divided into flats in the 20th Century and then was gutted in the 1990’s by an overzealous developer.

The aim was to refresh and soften the previous renovation whilst working to a tight budget to prepare it for the market.  Re-establishing a wide entrance hallway, accessing the window at the first landing and instating a more sympathetic style balustrade have all contributed to celebrating its original scale and mood. Required to retain the existing double height conservatory rear, it set the tone for a contemporary overlay, juxtaposed with nods to its past in such devices as the panelled joinery  and wallpapered bathroom. Uncluttered contemporary living sitting comfortably in its Georgian roots.